Some safety advice for following the Tour

Watching the Tour de France in person is a very popular event. Do you want to encourage your team or your favourite rider? Make sure you leave nothing to chance and follow these simple recommendations.

En route: getting to the event

You're advised to plan your trips in advance so you can enjoy the best possible travel conditions.


Encouraging the riders, along the route

To preserve the party spirit and race atmosphere, spectators are asked to be civic minded: show respect to the riders and be vigilant along the route taken by the publicity caravan and professional cyclists.


Here are our tips on how to follow the stage safely:

- stay behind the barriers;
- always stay at the side of the road, even to watch the riders arriving;
- don't throw anything onto the road;
- don't reach out your arms or take any action that could obstruct the riders;
- don't run or play on the side of the road;


You must not, under any circumstance, step onto the race path, even to pick up promotional goodies.


Some advice regarding weather:

The weather can change quite dramatically at the top of Mont Ventoux; it can be very hot or very cold. The difference in temperature between the village of Bedoin at the foot of Mont Ventoux and the summit can be nearly 20 degrees.

So it is important to bring clothes that will offer protection from the wind but also think about sun protection: water to stay hydrated, sun cream, sun glasses and a hat etc.

>> Specific information on Mont-Ventoux weather :

>> More general weather information available on


After the cyclists have gone past

At the end of the race, to ensure a safe departure, you are advised not to rush and to be careful when going downhill, particularly given the large crowds, and presence of pedestrians, cyclists and numerous motorised vehicles.