Pernes-les-Fontaines PERNES LES FONTAINES

Pernes-les-Fontaines is located south of Mont Ventoux, on the plain at the foot of the Vaucluse mountains, between Carpentras and Isle-sur-la-Sorgue. The river Nesque passes through the town travelling from the Vaucluse plateau, then joining the Sorgue. It supplies most of the 40 public fountains, 8 of which are listed as Historical Monuments, which refreshes the town and gives it its name.

MUST SEE: The town is full of listed Historical Monuments which are definitely worth a visit, including: the 13th-century Ferrande tower and the rectangular clock tower (former 12th-century keep to the Counts of Toulouse château with clock (1486) and bell (1764)); The 14th-century Saint-Gilles gateway and the Villeneuve gateway (1550); the Halle couverte (covered hall) (1623); the Town Hall (1670); the Anselme Hotel (15th and 16th century); the 17th-century upper doorway and the Ancien Hôtel de Jocas fountain; the birthplace of Esprit Fléchier (bishop of Nimes), from 1623; the Crillon Hotel (16th century); the Barruel Hotel (17th and 18th century).
Several museums tell the history of the town and region: Comtadin Costume Museum, Fléchier House. Cycling enthusiasts will love the Bicycle Museum (Paul de Vivie, aka Vélocio, was born in Pernes-les-Fontaines).

The Pernes-les-Fontaines Tourist Information Office organises guided tours of the town's heritage. Let yourself be guided through the streets and town squares and discover the history of the Tour Ferrande.

Key events:Truffle Festival with Truffolio in January, The Folklories (world music and dance) in July and Font'Arts (street shows) in August.
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